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shotshell reloading manuals and data ballistic prodcuts - with almost 6 000 load recipes our reloading manuals detail the step by step processes of handloading high performance and specialized shotshells they feature our, do it right 3 best reloading manuals 2018 for every - reloading manuals are the most important thing for a new reloader if you are searching for the best reloading manuals then read this post, reloading page 3 ruger forum - 41 magnum loads for 210 grain xtp alliant powder reloading data 40sw175 gr ammoreloadingforums cast bullet loads for 32 h r is clays powder equal to unique powder, hornady 55 grain v max shooters forum - i want to load some 223 rounds with 55 grain hornady vmax bullets with varget and h335 powder does anyone have a hornady reloading manual that shows, best load for cfe 223 powder with the hornady 55 gr fmjbt - best load for cfe 223 powder with the hornady 55 gr fmjbt, 140gr ftx in a 38 special the leading glock forum and - hello today is the first day i m reloading with all my own equipment one of my first challenges is loading up some good 38 specials for use in, 9mm reloading help with bullseye the leading glock forum - just getting started reloading for the first time and i finally had a chance to grab some bullets powder and primers they were in low stock on all, free printable reloading data sheets and box label - october 21st 2015 free printable reloading data sheets and box label templates redding reloading is now providing advanced handloader s data sheets in, 338 win mag 338 06 a square and 338 rcm compared - even with a stringent mpbr parameter of 3 inches the 338 win mag has impressive reach about 300 yards with the 185 grain hornady gmx bullet and 260 yards, ol buffalo reloading guide - ol buffalo reloading guide includes definition of reloading terms equipment guide safety step by step reloading instructions tips for better accuracy, 30 06 loads the firearms forum the buying selling or - i just checked with my hornady 7th edition and they don t list a h380 load for that bullet, powders compared today s versus yesteryear s shooting times - this is an article from shooting times magazine about comparing modern day ammo to ammo from the past, ballistic test of the 45 auto because they do not make a 46 - would you believe there was a time when the 45 auto was not a standard cartridge yea me neither but it is true the us cavalry had been issued double action colt, guns and ammo production maxed out this is a society - guns and ammo production maxed out this is a society preparing for war, sierra bullets 6 5 creedmoor load data sierra bullets - test specifications components firearm used universal receiver barrel length 24 twist 1 8 case hornady trim to length 1 910 primer winchester, 45 70 government loads 45 70 applications starline brass - 45 70 government loads and applications have changed over the years but one constant is that the 45 70 offers phenomenal short and long range performance to shooters, ask jeff gunblast com - ask jeff got a reloading problem looking for a particular type of gun and need advice need to know the proper way to skin out a deer got nothing to do for a few